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What We Do

Need more paying customers?

Who we help

Business owners that need a consistent flow of new high-value paying customers each and every day but have no idea how to use the internet to grow and scale.

What we do

We help businesses get customers using the targeted, trackable, and automated power of the internet.

Our core principles

A successful business will have a consistent endless flow of new paying customers joining every month, happy customers achieving real results, and a business owner who has time-freedom, financial growth, and happiness from simplicity. To reach this kind of harmony, we focus on a set of core principles:

1. System zen - more with less, automate.

2. Happiness - it's a direction, not a place. 

3. Intention - what you focus on grows, create quality

4. Mirror - you become your environment & thoughts

5. Freedom - life gets easier with more discipline

6. 1st principles - reason up from basic truths

7. Solve problems - it's why people pay you, PERIOD. 

8. Reality - you define everything, choose wisely.

9. Results rule - student results are the core focus

10. Tough-minded - carry out the game plan and win

How we got here

We noticed so many businesses didn't know how to use the internet to get customers. So we started to fix that problem.

GowansMedia team

We operate completely remote as a multi-functional dynamic team of four people who care about client results.

Mike Gowans -

Mike Gowans

Owner & Founder

Creates content, helps clients, and leads the business. 

Michele Oneil -

Michele Oneil

Owner & Operations

Manages the day-to-day operations, live events, and helps clients.

Chelsea Doerr -

Chelsea Doerr

Community Manager

Manages client communities, onboards, and holds clients to results.

Landen Oneil -

Landen Oneil

Client Success / Data

Handles bookkeeping, analytics, onboards, and helps clients.

How to contact us

The easiest way to contact us is by sending us an email -

You can find GowansMedia on YouTube.

You can view our privacy policy, terms and conditions, and other legal pages here.